Press Releases and Documents

September 2016

Annual Report FY2016

Antique Appraisal Day

August 2016

Crayfish Party


June 2016


May 2016

Spring Ting & 90th Anniversary Celebration

April 2016

Viking Day

March 2016

Easter Family Fun Day & Egg Hunt

Waffle Day

February 2016


January 2016

Pea Soup Supper

December 2015

Lucia Fest

November 2015

New Sweden History Conference 2015

Lenape Fall Gathering

October 2015

The Great Meatball Match Up 2015

September 2015

Announcing the Board Class of 2018

Annual Report FY2015

August 2015

United Stockholms of America

Workers of the World, Awaken! The Life and Legacy of Joe Hill

July 2015

Crayfish Party


June 2015


National Day

April 2015

Valborg Concert and Bonfire

Toddler Time Spring 2015

Indian Nation Exhibit Opening

March 2015

Waffle Day

January 2015

Pea Soup Supper

Semlor and a Movie

Pippi Family Fun Day

November 2014

Lucia and Christmas Market

October 2014

Cinnamon Bun Day

September 2014

Annual Report FY2014

2nd Annual Drums Along the Delaware Powwow

Proposed By Law Change for ASHM

Board Member Bios

August 2014


Crayfish Party

June 2014


May 2014

June 6th Sweden's National Day

April 2014

Spring Ting Fundraiser 2014

March 2014

Easter Family Fun Day on April 12th

Do You Know Pippi Longstocking? Exhibit Opening

Waffle of a Day!

February 2014

Semlor and a Movie

January 2014

Toddler Time is back for 2014

Pea Soup and Punsch Supper

November 2013

Lucia Fest and Christmas Market

October 2013

The 4th Annual Great Meatball Match Up

September 2013

Drums Along the Delaware Powwow

The Enduring Designs of Josef Frank

FY2013 Annual Report

New Sweden History Conference 2013

August 2013

Crayfish Party

July 2013


June 2013

Midsommarfest 2013

The Viking of New Birka

May 2013

Making It In America Symposium

Royal Visit at ASHM

April 2013

Valborg 2013

Opening of Art by SIGELLE

Spring Ting with Claes Oldenburg

March 2013

Easter Workshop and Egg Hunt

Waffle Day

January 2013


Pea Soup

Toddler Time

Cooking Class Finale

December 2012


October 2012

ASHM FY2012 Annual Report

Polarn O. Pyret Sample & Warehouse Sale

The New Sweden History Conference

The Great Meatball Match Up

August 2012

Flea Market and Open House

July 2012

Crayfish Party

Swedish American Line Exhibition

June 2012



March 2012

Spring Ting Dinner and Auction

Easter Workshop

Waffle Day

February 2012

Exhibition Opening: Forged Sculptures of the Steneby Collection

January 2012

Semlor and a Movie

Pea Soup

November 2011

Swedish Museum Singers Holiday Concert

Swedish Holiday Table Workshop

Lucia and Christmas Market

October 2011

New Sweden History Conference

The Great Meatball Match Up

September 2011

SmörgåsBeer'd Press Release

Design Dialogues Press Release

Kalmar Nyckel Lecture Press Release

August 2011

17 Swedish Designers Press Release

Flea Market Press Release

July 2011

Marge Thorell Lecture Press Release

Summer Crayfish Party Press Release

May 2011

New Sweden Gallery Press Release

Midsommarfest Press Release

Family Viking Day Press Release

Birger Sandzen Lecture Press Release

March 2011

Spring Ting Press Release

February 2011

Knitting Along the Viking Trail
Press Release

December 2010

Pea Soup and Punsch Supper Press Release

Swedish Museum Singers Christmas Concert Press Release

Julbord and Lucia Press Release

October 2010

Great Meatball Match-Up Press Release

September 2010

10th Annual New Sweden History Conference Press Release

August 2010

Flea Market Press Release

Crayfish Party Press Release

May 2010

Magnus Martensson in Concert >>

Go Swedish! Press Release >>

April 19, 2010

Valborg 2010 Press Release >>

March 10, 2010

Spring Ting 2010 Press Release

December 23, 2009

Press Release First Impressions: A Children's Printmaking Program >>

October 20, 2009
Press Release Printscapes
Press Release-Printscapes.pdf

September 13, 2009
ASHM Annual Meeting
Annual Report 2009.pdf

September 1, 2009
Wallenberg Humanitarian Award Recipient
Wallenberg Humanitarian Award Recipient.pdf

August 15 , 2009
Crayfish Party
Crayfish Party press release word.doc
Crayfish Party press release.pdf

June 22 , 2009
Wallenberg Humanitarian Award Announcement
Ambassador Asher Naim to receive Spirit of Raoul Wallenberg Award word.doc
Ambassador Asher Naim to receive Spirit of Raoul Wallenberg Award.pdf

June 13 , 2009
Midsommarfest press release word.doc
Midsommarfest press release.pdf

June 7 , 2009
Colony to Community: The Story of New Sweden exhibition opens at ASHM
Colony to Community at ASHM release word.doc
Colony to Community at ASHM release.pdf

May 26 , 2009
Swedish Golf Outing
Swedish Golf Outing press release word.doc
Swedish Golf Outing press release.pdf

May 16, 2009
Anders Zorn Lecture & Luncheon
Zorn lecture press release word.doc
Zorn lecture press release.pdf

April 27-May 3, 2009
Museum Week
Museum Week press release word.doc
Museum Week press release.pdf

April 30 , 2009
Valborgsmässoafton bonfire
Valborg press release word.doc
Valborg press release.pdf

April 5, 2009
Easter Craft Workshop
Easter Workshop press release word.doc
Easter Workshop press release.pdf

March 21 , 2009
Spring Ting dinner & fundraiser
Spring Ting press release word.doc
Spring Ting press release.pdf

February 21, 2009
Coffee and Semlor
Semlor press release word.doc
Semlor press release.pdf

January 31 , 2009
Pea Soup and Punsch
Pea Soup press release word.doc
Pea Soup press release.pdf

January 1 , 2009
Ennesbo exhibition by Sandra Binion
Ennesbo press release word.doc
Ennesbo press release as pfd
Visit artist Sandra Binion's website>>

December 29 , 2008
Colony to Community: The Story of New Sweden exhibition opens in New Jersey
Colony to Community at NJSM release word.doc
Colony to Community at NJSM release.pdf
Colony to Community reception at NJSM.pdf

December 6 , 2008
Lucia Procession & Julmarknad
Luciafest press release word.doc
Luciafest press release.pdf

August 23 - November 30, 2008
The Art of the Brick™ : Nathan Sawaya
The Art of the Brick press release word.doc
The Art of the Brick press release as pdf

ASHM in the Media

Toddler Time of CBS 3

(April 18, 2017)

Skål! Scandinavian Spirits in the Philadelphia Inquirer

(February 2017)

ASHM Education Manager on "Chalk Talk"

(May 2016)

Flowers & Monsters in the New York Times

(April 2016)

ASHM featured on CBS3's "Dream Drives"

(December 2015)

Joe Hill Exhibit on Newsworks, WHYY

Joe Hill Exhibit on NBC10

(September 2015)

Toddler Time on the Daily Vacationer Jr.

(May 2015)

Indian Nation in the Courier Post

Indian Nation Photo Gallery Courier Post

Indian Nation on

(April 2015)

Pippi Longstocking Ad on WHYY TV.

(June 2014)

ASHM Senior Curator Carrie Hogan on Philadelphia: The Great Experiment

(May 2014)

Pippi Longstocking Exhibit in Nordstjernan

Pippi Longstocking Exhibit on Jersey Family Fun

(March/April 2014)

ASHM Director on CBS 3

ASHM in the Philadelphia Inquirer

(May 2013)

ASHM in Uwishunu

(January 2013)

ASHM in Table Matters

(December 2012)

ASHM Marketing Materials Wins American Design Award July 2012

ASHM featured on US Airways in flight Magazine June 2012


(June 2012)


Philadelphia Beyond the Parkway in Antiques Magazine

(March-April issue 2011)










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