Waffle Day

Every March, Swedes dust off their waffle irons to indulge in freshly baked waffles with jam and whipped cream. This delicious tradition actually originates from a misunderstanding. The original Christian celebration on that day, Annunciation Day, in Swedish is called Vårfrudagen, which sounded very much like the word Våffeldagen, meaning Waffle Day. By tradition and thanks to this tasty miscommunication, Swedes have waffles on March 25. Waffle Day is also considered one of the official the starts of the spring season in Sweden. It has become a custom for Swedish families to celebrate the two events by enjoying crispy heart-shaped waffles with whipped cream and jam. These days, many Swedes do without the religious aspect of the holiday, while still keeping the waffle tradition alive.

In late March, we celebrate Waffle Day at the American Swedish Historical Museum with some freshly baked Swedish waffles served with whipped cream, strawberry jam and, of course, coffee. Tickets include museum admission, waffles and a beverage.

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