We welcome all people to explore cultural identity through the story of Swedes and Scandinavians in America. The American Swedish Historical Museum is a community dedicated to preserving and interpreting material culture, and is alive with celebrations, exhibitions, and learning experiences.

Board of Governors

Erik Muther, Chair
Julie Jurash, Secretary
James S. Walker, Treasurer

Kristina Antoniades
Evert Christensen
Birgitta Davis
William Eaton
David Engstrom
Dawn Gould
John Holmström
Fredrik Khayati
Monica Kruse
Mia Lehmann
George McFarland
Sigrid E. Neilson
Thomas Nilsson
Kristina O’Doherty
Roberta Petusky
Sandra Pfaff
James R. Roebuck, Jr.
Earl Seppala
Abby Shaw
W. Kim-Eric Williams
Carina Åhren
Tracey Beck, Executive Director